Stylist Live Event 2016

We were delighted to attend the Stylist Live Event 2016 at the Business Design Centre, London.

The event comes shortly after its more high profile and ambitious predecessor – London Fashion Week Event and at a first glance, the two                                                events are very similar. Most of the exhibiting new and emerging small artisan labels and brands were participating at both events, so we could see a lot of the familiar offerings.

The difference of course was, that there was no high end fashion at the Stylist Event, the most “high end” you could get was the High Street Catwalk – but it definitely rocked, with great styling, a great catwalk venue, beautiful and diverse models from all ethnic backgrounds, and a very upbeat atmosphere all organised brilliantly.

Another bonus at this event were the talks which formed a key part of the programme – with guest speakers, most of whom you might not have heard of unless you are in the virtual fashion business, but some house hold names as well and covering topics from fashion to food to frugality and feminism in the digital world of course. The fact that Breast Cancer Now was appointed by the Stylist Live Event as the official charity for the 2016 event was a truly inspirational move. Breast Cancer Now believe that if we all act now, by 2050, no one will die from breast cancer – what an amazing thought. That definitely somehow made everything look so much more in focus, despite the flowing champagne.

The venue, it turned out was even better than the Saatchi Gallery, albeit the location was not as posh, however the VIP area was a real delight, offering fresh  vegan smoothies, niche ice cream brands, very generous and pretty goodie bags and even free massage, blow dry, make up and manicure – a fashionistas heaven. There was a definite buzz in the air, and the champagne was literally never ending, any visitor was offered a champagne and Chambord drink, which was quite fetching in colour and it certainly boosted the spirits. We were definitely charmed by the event and we will be heading back next time around, apparently to a bigger venue like London Olympia- well done Stylist Live angels!

Our aim is to attend as many of these events throughout the year to ensure we stay up to date with the latest trend and so we can continue to be inspired by the fashion masters.

The AW trends, as heralded by the fashion editors at Stylist, were:

Navy coats, velvet revolution and spicy colours.

How damn exciting that we have similar designer items on the CoutureCounter site!